Course Semester Language

Battery Storage Systems

SS/WS german (SS) / english (WS)

Patent Law

SS german

Electrical Drives

WS english

Electrical Drives for Railroads

WS german

Electrical Light Rail Systems

SS german

Electronics for Physicists

WS german
Electronics for Physicists II SS german
Electrothermal Process Technology WS german/english
Energy Storage Technologies WS german
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering II SS german
International Patent Law WS german/english
Power Electronics - Control, Synthesis and Applications (CSA) WS english
Power Electronics - Fundamentals, Topologies and Analysis (FTA) WS english
Revision Course Electrical Drives SS/WS german/english
Revision Course Power Electronics CSA SS/WS german/english
Revision Course Power Electronics FTA SS/WS german/english
Series of Lectures: Electrified Drives WS german
Series of Lectures: Electrical Energy from Regenerative Sources WS german/english
Series of Lectures: E-Mobility WS german

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA).